Cummins Generators 10kva – 1,500kva

Cummins-powered diesel gen-sets adopt world-famous durable & efficient Cummins diesel engine coupled with Stamford or Leroy Somer alternator. They are widely applied in telecommunications, communication, hotels, buildings, entertainment places, hospitals, shopping malls, industrial and mining industries, etc.

Many Power Range Options

Cummins generator available in different power range  to meet Customer demand.

  • 10-45 kva Open and Silent Power Generating Sets
  • 50 -100 kva Open and Silent Power Generating Set
  • 125- -250 kva Open and Silent Power Generating Sets
  • 300 -500 kva Open and Silent Power Generating Set
  • 600 -1000 kva Open and Silent Power Generating Sets
  • Water Supply Projects
  • Power Stations
  • Buildings
  • Residential Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Data Centers

USA Brand Cummins Engine Generators Assembled by  Known Manufactures from Different Countries 

  • Gucibir, Turkey 
  • Starpower, Italy
  • Jubaili Bross, UAE
  • AKSA Power Generation, China 
  • GB Power, China
  • Noor, UAE
  • And More…

Cummins  Generators are known by their technical reliability and features;


  • CUMMINS  series heavy duty diesel engine
  • 4 cycle, water cooled, turbocharged & air to air COOLED /turbocharged & air to water COOLED
  • Direct injection
  • Electronic governor system
  • 24 volt self-starter and charger alternator
  • Changeable air, fuel and oil filter
  • Tropical type radiator
  • Flexible fuel pipe
  • Oil discharge valve and extension pipe
  • Industrial type silencer, exhaust spiral or compensator
  • Maintenance free battery
  • Engine block water heater (in automatic models)
  • Diesel gen-set maintenance and operating instructions and electrical circuit diagram


All generators supplied by Horsepower Engineering meet internal standards

  • EURO Emission and Quality Standards
  • ISO certificates 


  • Brushless, single bearing, flexible disc 4 poles alternator for harmonic failure
  • H type isolation class
  • IP 21-23 protection class
  • Self-exciter
  • Electronic automatic voltage regulator
  • Stator 2/3 step for harmonic failure
  • The alternator windings are protected by insulating varnish against oil and acid.


  • Modular type sound-proof canopy
  • Canopy installation executed with screw and nut, without welding process
  • Epoxy and polyester powder painted canopy
  • Canopy designed for easy maintenance
  • Lockable doors on both sides of canopy
  • Emergency stop button
  • Transparent panel inspection window


  • LCD display screen
    Hardware and materials needed
  • Battery charger
  • USB port & RS-485 output


  • High water temperature
  • Over current load
  • Low oil pressure
  • High & low genset voltage
  • High & low engine speed
  • Start/stop failure
  • Low radiator water level

Why Cummins Engine Generator?

  • Worlds leading generator engine
  • Lifetime service
  • Equipped with a known Alternator and Controller
  • Low running cost
  • Available Spare parts
  • Recent Technology integrated

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